Neeko Poetics (zombie_girl) wrote in nicole_is_god,
Neeko Poetics

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so wicked

I guess this is my new an improved live personal journal.
its only so katie bulley can't see what i write any more.
hahah fuckin loser.
so today i thought about derek and it made me sick to my stomach
i couldnt sleep well. or eat anything today.
good maybe ill fuckin loose some weight.
i got nothing from work today. i just worked 9am-5:00 without a lunch break or break.
i just didnt feel like i deserved one.
i might go down to the store. have a smoke or something.
maybe get my change and buy a red bull
i wish i worked more. i am going on tuesday to put a resume into the emergency clinic pharmacy and possibly wall mart. maybe try and fax some resume out for a technician job.
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